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The Private School Admissions Handbook, Educational Consultants in New York, NY
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A Step by Step Guide Through the New York City Private School Admissions Process For Pre-K Through High School.

If you are looking at private schools in New York City, then you need to speak with the educational consultants of PEAS (Private Education Advisory Service). We have worked with the admission departments of private schools for more than 15 years, and we understand this overwhelming process.

We are also education experts and are are here to answer questions regarding your families's educational needs before, during or after the admissions process. Please contact us to find out more information about these services.

Why We Founded PEAS

We want to help bright and talented parents who are put in an impossible situation: navigating the crazy and competitive world of NYC private school admissions. We offer you huge amounts of warmth, caring, and most importantly, knowledge. Real advice from real experience!


Use our services as a guide, a place to turn to for sound advice. Maintain your sense of humor and keep your spirits up! Look at this as an opportunity to discover many magical and superb schools…we are here to help you do all of this!

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Private Education Advisory Service
Private Education Advisory Service is your key to helpful admissions assistance for prestigious private schools in New York City. With 15 years of experience working in private school admission departments, we help parents navigate the crazy and competitive world of